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Communication Checklist for ED Transition

This communications checklist will help your organization communicate effectively during an executive director transition.

Demonstrating Financial Leadership

Two essential traits effective leaders demonstrate are dedication to their organization’s mission and finances, and the ability to evoke trust in effectively leading both. This tutorial will cover what to do and continue doing, and what you may be doing to undercut that leadership, and offer six steps to improve your financial leadership to your staff and board.

Emergency Executive Director Succession and Contingency Planning & Template

COVID-19 has spotlighted the need for organizations to develop emergency succession plans. This resource provides a roadmap and Emergency ED Succession Plan Template to create a plan for your organization.

Executive Director Annual Goals and Objectives

An Executive Director’s Annual Plan with goals and objectives identifies and creates transparency of the ED’s short-term aspirations and the long-term vision for the organization. It provides the ED and […]

Executive Director Annual Performance Evaluation Summary and Goal Setting Form

Summarizing the evaluations received from critical stakeholders into one document that serves as a formal record of the Executive Director’s performance review is a vital part of the evaluation process. […]

Executive Director Hiring Checklist

We’ve created these overview checklists to support board members and hiring committees in the hiring process. We encourage you to use these in conjunction with TREC’s Transitions in Leadership toolkit.

Executive Director Performance Evaluation 360-Degree Feedback Questionnaire

This sample 360-feedback questionnaire was created to evaluate the Executive Director’s competencies, leadership, goals, and performance. By requesting feedback from staff, partners, and supervisors (Board), you will receive a whole […]

Executive Director Performance Evaluation: Overview

Annual evaluation of the Executive Director is one of the Board of Director’s most critical responsibilities in monitoring and ensuring the overall performance of a non-profit. It is also one […]

Executive Director Personal Statement

When an Executive Director leaves an organization, the ED and Board need to inform their membership and stakeholders with a departing statement. TREC offers this sample for EDs and Boards alike to consider their own statements.  

Executive Director Review Form

Providing effective review of the ED requires a thoughtful approach. Use this template to craft an ED evaluation suitable for your situation.

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