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Addressing Bias in Fundraising–Developing an Inclusive Individual Giving Program

This webinar will review the data/context (the what), the impact/outcome (so what), and next steps/resources (now what) to recognize and reduce bias in your fundraising practices.

Colonialism and the History of Conservation

Beginning with a foundational exploration of how colonialism is one form of oppression that pervades conservation history, we will discuss the history of colonialism and settler colonialism and its impacts. We will end with stories highlighting the efforts of people to decolonize this work today so that participating conservation organizations have an understanding of some ways in which they can work to decolonize their work.

Crafting a DEI Case for Change and DEI Statement

Why – why is DEI important to your organization, and What – what are your organization’s specific DEI commitments. TREC clients will gain knowledge and skills on how to craft a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement.

Effective Community and Stakeholder Engagement

How can you more effectively engage traditionally under-engaged communities and stakeholders in conservation management decision-making processes? Join The Avarna Group as they lay out some strategies from their forthcoming Community and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies toolkit (copublished by The Wilderness Society). The webinar will go through various strategies within the cycle of stakeholder engagement.

Getting Woke, Staying Woke: What Does it Really Mean?

Being “woke,” the state of being aware of and attentive to issues of racial and social justice, is a state you may or may not be in now–in this session, learn how to get there and stay there, and turn this attention into practice. This webinar focuses on key components of designing and implementing equitable practices. More specifically, we will examine the equity paradox: how we believe in equity, yet our behaviors and decisions don’t always reflect that belief.

Laying the Foundations for DEI Work in Your Organization: An Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this webinar, The Avarna Group will build the foundations for DEI with TREC clients by (a) introducing precise language around diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, and equity so clients can become more fluent in foundational terminology; (b) map out the various reasons why DEI work is critical to the future of the conservation movement; and (c) provide an overview of what DEI work entails.

Mitigating Bias in Recruitment and Hiring

This session will walk you through how to add an inclusion and equity lens to your recruitment and hiring process, from crafting the job title and description, to internship/fellowship initiatives, to crafting and utilizing hiring rubrics, to interviewing, selecting, and following up with candidates.

Staying True to Your Values While Reaching Across the Divide

How do you pursue relationships with people and individuals whose values don’t align with your own? And what do you do if their values are contradictory to your diversity, equity, and inclusion values? Join the Avarna Group as we lay out some guiding questions that will allow you to determine how to move forward with these relationships without compromising diversity, equity, and inclusion values.

Working Across Generations | From Millennials to Boomers: We Can Work it Out

Unlocking the strengths of multi-generational workplaces is essential, and sometimes challenging, work. In this webinar, we will explore practices to build understanding, slay age-ist stereotypes, and leverage the value of diversity across decades.

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