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2018: A New Frontier in Fundraising

In this session, we will identify five non-negotiables for creating high quality fundraising program and discuss what has changed in fundraising. We will also discuss messages you can use to create impact, identify new sources to maximize your fundraising program’s success, and offer up strategies for creating a stronger culture of philanthropy among your staff, board, volunteers and donors.

Addressing Bias in Fundraising–Developing an Inclusive Individual Giving Program

This webinar will review the data/context (the what), the impact/outcome (so what), and next steps/resources (now what) to recognize and reduce bias in your fundraising practices.

Board Donor Stewardship | Flow of Communications

Major gift work is a highly personalized form of fundraising that can be difficult to systematize. The success of your major gifts effort is dependent on authentic relationships with your donors, and it’s difficult to script the authentic conversations that make up a real relationships. The following flow chart and corresponding scripts are a great […]

Board Friendraising: Creating Advocates for Your Mission

How can you help your board members feel positive and comfortable with fundraising? Make them friendraisers! We’ll share with you the powerful impact board members have on your bottom line when you embrace the role of advocate and make friends for your mission wherever you go.

Budgeting for Technology

With today’s endless advancements in technology there are endless opportunities to expand upon your current systems; in order to get the most out of what’s available, it is necessary to match your vision with the appropriate funding. This session will address the demand for intuitive financial planning in order to establish, maintain and upgrade your technology.

Building Fundraising Success into Your Planning Process

Money doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately). Securing the funding needed to advance conservation work requires good planning and diligent follow through. Join TREC Senior Associate Elizabeth Hospodarsky Stanley as we explore ways to raise more money, more reliably, year after year.

Components of your 30 Second “Elevator” Pitch

In order to do effective outreach to build your donor and member base, use this worksheet to create a great “elevator pitch” that can describe your mission and work, and the reasons why it is important to support your organization in a brief and succinct way.

Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Accurate revenue forecasting is an essential, yet overlooked, aspect of sound organizational management. This brief report is a useful resource to help organizations think strategically about revenue generation using several different analytical tools.

Demystifying the Major Donor Journey

Do you want to know how everyone can be involved in supporting your organization’s financial well-being through friend-building? We’ll explore and demystify the ways we build relationship and cultivate our supporters, and how to turn some of these friends into big donors!

Developing a SMART Fundraising Plan

Join us for this jam-packed one-hour session and learn why planning should be part of your fund development program, what to plan for, and how to plan to ensure fundraising successes. We’ll cover the key elements of a good fundraising plan, how to make sure your plan has S.M.A.R.T. goals and three things you can do to engage your staff and board in planning.

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