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Accessible and Inclusive Events

How can we be mindful of different needs while proactively providing a welcoming and inclusive experience for all at events? Accessibility and inclusion matter just as deeply in temporary spaces where we invite community to join together for dialogue or learning. Here are some considerations to provide a more inclusive and accessible experience to your audience as you go through the event planning process.

Appeal Checklist

Use this checklist every time you draft an appeal to make sure it hits all the right notes so that your donors and prospects will be singing your tune and sending their gifts.

Appeal Sample and Guide

Writing an effective appeal letter is a crucial skill to increase donations and donor involvement. However your outreach efforts are made, through letters, emails, or even through your website, an […]

Board and Staff Friendraising Process

The flow chart in this resource shows how a Board member can meaningfully contribute to building your organization’s “friend” base, leading to more supporters while increasing connection between your Board and Staff through their Friendraising work.

Board Donor Stewardship | Flow of Communications

Major gift work is a highly personalized form of fundraising that can be difficult to systematize. The success of your major gifts effort is dependent on authentic relationships with your […]

Components of your 30 Second “Elevator” Pitch

In order to do effective outreach to build your donor and member base, use this worksheet to create a great “elevator pitch” that can describe your mission and work, and the reasons why it is important to support your organization in a brief and succinct way.

Diversifying Revenue Sources

Diversifying revenue is a good idea for many organizations; however, implementing diversification is not a one size fits all solution for every organization. This tutorial looks into when, why, and how your organization can benefit from diversifying revenue sources.

Donor-Centered Direct Mail: Creating Warm and Fuzzies for Donors

With the millions of pieces of direct mail sent out every year, your job is to have your letter rise above all the rest. This resource will help you look at some ways to make your appeals outshine the rest and bring better returns.

Fund Development Equity Reflection Questions

Fund development staff can play an integral role in implementing DEI in their work by using an equity lens to review your practices, outreach, and decisions. This resource offers questions to ask yourself, your team, and your organization to ensure that an equity lens is applied to your fund development efforts and internal work.

Fundraising Benchmark Tracker

Our Fundraising Benchmark Tracker is a tool for nonprofits to monitor and analyze their fundraising performance. With sections for key metrics like donor acquisition, retention, monthly giving, and online giving, […]

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