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Action-Inspiring Storytelling: The Marshall Ganz Public Narrative Model

In a world full of overflowing inboxes and overwhelmed minds, telling stories that motivate peoples’ heads, hearts, and hands is more important than ever. Hone your storytelling skills with TREC Associate Kristi Chester Vance and Harvard University teaching fellow Dušan Stojičić, who will train participants in the Public Narrative storytelling model created by Marshall Ganz, legendary organizer and Harvard Kennedy School senior lecturer.

De-escalating Conflict

Conservation organizations have faced increasing external conflict and attacks that antagonize their work in a variety of settings (meetings, trainings, offices, public events, traveling). These attempts to interfere, frighten, and damage organizations require de-escalation techniques to safely and effectively protect the people and the organization. This webinar provides skills and tips to address and de-escalate different types of conflict and attacks.

Developing Superstar Volunteers

This webinar will review volunteer management and also explore how you keep volunteers moving up your Ladder of Engagement, turn them into valuable ambassadors and long-term donors. Learn tips and best practices for acquiring, cultivating, and managing volunteers who feel aligned with and engaged in your mission.

Effective Community and Stakeholder Engagement

How can you more effectively engage traditionally under-engaged communities and stakeholders in conservation management decision-making processes? Join The Avarna Group as they lay out some strategies from their forthcoming Community and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies toolkit (copublished by The Wilderness Society). The webinar will go through various strategies within the cycle of stakeholder engagement.

Engagement Organizing

In this session, we’ll discuss what it means to do “engagement organizing.” This isn’t exactly new, but has been “re-discovered.” It requires more time and effort on the campaigner’s part and hinges on building long-term relationships rather than a quick “transactional” organizing that many in the field have fallen into using in the last decade […]

Improving your Partnerships with US Indigenous Communities

Native American, or Indigenous lands, are the basis of the United States’ beautiful landscapes worthy of protection. This webinar will address “better” practices on how to talk with Indigenous communities about conservation and land protection as allies and partners. “Best” practices imply that there is a single way and best way to do this; however, better practices include addressing the failures of the past, challenges of the present, and future considerations of land management, traditional knowledge, and meaningful relationships.

Ladder of Engagement Sample

Ladders and Pyramids of Engagement are great tools to deepen relationships with your supporters from observer to contributors to your organization as donors and/or volunteers. If you’re looking to create or enhance your current Ladder or Pyramid of Engagement use TREC’s sample Pyramid of Engagement to see how a Facebook friend is just 7 steps from a Board Chair.

Moving from Transactional Organizing to Building Long Term Relationships

What does it mean to engage people today? In order to be successful, we need to be able to communicate effectively with a broad range of stakeholders, including rural communities. And beyond talking with them, we need to build sustaining relationships.

Next Generation Organizing and Engagement

In order to get the next generation of conservationists motivated, organized, and moving our campaigns forward, organizations must update old maps and practices of engagement. What worked for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers won’t intrigue, inspire, and grow the next generation of campaigners and leaders. In TREC’s Next Gen Organizing webinar wel examine new ways to reach the next generation, Millennials.

Nonprofit Storytelling

Compelling stories help people remember and connect with your mission. If we want to change the world for the better and further our good causes, we must embrace the power of storytelling. This webinar will help you develop a better understanding and knowledge of the importance of storytelling, and how to put that knowledge and understanding to use.

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