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Accessibility and Inclusivity in the Workplace

Accessibility in the workplace is the practice of making information, tasks and activities, and the work environment practical, meaningful, and usable for as many people as possible. Inclusion is the behaviors within team culture that encourages everyone to feel heard and valued for their individual skills and uniqueness. Through this guide, we review inclusive practices and considerations to take when proactively addressing accessibility at the virtual and physical workplace. After reviewing the guide, this worksheet can be used to assess your own organization’s accessibility and inclusion policies and procedures and identify areas to improve.

Accessible and Inclusive Events

How can we be mindful of different needs while proactively providing a welcoming and inclusive experience for all at events? Accessibility and inclusion matter just as deeply in temporary spaces where we invite community to join together for dialogue or learning. Here are some considerations to provide a more inclusive and accessible experience to your audience as you go through the event planning process.

Rebranding | Lessons From the Field

Rebranding an organization is a major undertaking that can have you scratching your head at even where to start. In this conversation, Emma Gilchrist of The Narwhal and Kristi Chester Vance, a TREC associate with a background in marketing, talk through the Narwhal’s recent rebrand, exploring what caused them to rebrand, where they started, how to create an inclusive process and how to measure success.

Spitfire Strategies Smart Chart 3.0

A Tool to Help Nonprofits Make Smart Communications Choices. Designed specifically for foundations and nonprofits, the Smart Chart walks you through six logical steps to a truly strategic communications plan. […]

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