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Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

There is one management skill, in particular, that is worth highlighting: giving and receiving feedback. Feedback isn’t about “once-and-done.” An effective organization strives to create a feedback-rich culture which takes both organizational systems and leadership behaviors that are applied consistently over time. There are many aspects to creating a feedback-rich culture; I’ve created a list showing many of them. The list is in two columns, one for systems, another for behaviors. It is important to have both. Systems support and sustain behaviors. Behaviors bring systems to life. Use this resource to see where your organizations thrive and to identify where you might need to focus on improving.

As you think about how your organization does in these areas, do you notice any trends as far as needing more systems improvements or behavior improvements? We’re not all strong in all areas, but the more of these you tackle, both systems and behaviors, the more your culture will shift. Start from where you are, and pick a couple that you can focus on improving over the next few months.

Be sure to check out TREC’s webinars in April on developing and engaging your staff for even more ideas. And please let us know if you need capacity building assistance. We are here to help!


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