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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

TREC has a deep responsibility to actively leverage our resources and capabilities to amplify diversity, inclusion, and equity in ourselves, in our operation, in...

Strategic Planning

TREC can help you define your organization’s vision, mission and goals, and help you build your strategic and long-term plans.

Organizational Development

TREC Organizational Effectiveness Model

TREC has a “whole system” approach to Organizational Development. We work to get all aspects of an organization —the program, the people and the money— equally effective and resilient. And, importantly, we prioritize the long-term sustainability of the organization.

TREC’s Leveraging Leadership Program 

TREC’s “Leveraging Leadership” Program combines emergent and culturally responsive approaches to leadership with TREC’s 20 years of experience in supporting leaders to deepen their...

HR & Management

Volunteers | Oregon Natural Desert Association

TREC will help you address the challenges inherent in engaging and motivating people to be their most productive for the long run. We offer a broad spectrum of Human Resource training, consulting and coaching services to help strengthen your organization from the inside out.

Fund Development

Light through trees

TREC is committed to helping organizations raise the money needed in order to fulfill their essential missions.

Financial Management

Flora | WildEarth Guardians

TREC’s Financial Management Program is appropriate for organizations which need a minor fine tuning of their financial systems, organizations requiring a complete overhaul, and everything in between. TREC offers on-going consulting and customized support.

Community Organizing

TREC’s Community Engagement resources and tools are available for organizations to foster client knowledge, skills, and confidence in strategies to build their base of community support.

Campaigns & Collaborations

TREC help groups think more strategically, develop better campaign plans, and work together more effectively so that campaigns are more likely to achieve on-the-ground conservation victories.

Background Image: Sitka Conservation Society | Adam Andis

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