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Job Title: Communications Director

Supervisor: Executive Director

Compensation: $68,200 – $80,200 (depending on experience); generous benefits include fully paid health & dental insurance with Health Saving Account contributions, a matching Simple IRA retirement plan, 20 days of personal leave per year, 12 days of sick leave per year, 15 paid holidays, and flexibility in work schedules including a four-day work week.

Classification: Full Time, Permanent

Work Location: Helena, MT is preferred or statewide

About Wild Montana:

Wild Montana unites and mobilizes communities to keep Montana wild. We work across the state and beyond to secure a future where people and wildlife flourish because public lands and waters are wild and connected, and all communities can enjoy the quality of life these lands and waters provide. Our work safeguards wildlands, secures wildlife habitat and migration corridors, and keeps headwaters and streams running cold, clear, and connected.

Position Summary:

Wild Montana’s Communications Director is a visionary and dynamic leader responsible for supervising and leading a creative and fast-paced communications team. At the heart of our mission-driven organization, the Communications Director plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing communication strategies that resonate with the core values of Wild Montana. This individual is not just a leader but a far-sighted person who can craft and communicate a compelling narrative, aligning our communication efforts with the organization’s overarching goals.

This role requires someone who can inspire and empower, fostering a collaborative culture that promotes the creative potential within the team. The Communications Director will be at the forefront of a dynamic environment, steering the team toward innovative and impactful communication strategies. This position requires adaptability in response to the evolving landscape of conservation and communication. Wild Montana relies on the Communications Director to be a strategic thinker who thrives on driving measurable outcomes, building a positive team culture, and contributing to the success of the entire organization. The communications director is a member of Wild Montana’s leadership team.

The Communications Director’s duties and responsibilities support both Wild Montana and Wild Montana Action Fund.

Major Duties and Responsibilities for Communications Director:

Leadership with Vision:

  • Develop and communicate a clear vision for communication strategies aligned with organizational goals.
  • Lead the communications team in executing impactful initiatives that resonate with Wild Montana’s mission.
  • Act as an engaged thought partner and future-focused problem-solver within the leadership team.

Empowerment and Delegation:

  • Empower and delegate responsibilities, fostering a sense of ownership and innovation within the staff and communications team.
  • Rely on staff expertise, fostering continual professional growth and encouraging development.

Collaborative Approach:

  • Collaborate with various departments to integrate communication strategies into organizational initiatives.
  • Understand and address the communication needs of different teams to ensure cohesion.

Adaptability and Agility:

  • Demonstrate adaptability to changing circumstances, leading the team in agile strategies.
  • Pivot communication plans when necessary to align with evolving organizational needs.

Strategic Thinking:

  • Possess strong strategic thinking abilities to anticipate trends and align communication plans with organizational objectives.
  • Develop and execute communication strategies that drive measurable outcomes.

Strong Communication Skills:

  • Effectively articulate ideas verbally and in writing, ensuring clear, concise, and persuasive communication.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, team members, and leadership to build understanding and support.

Creativity and Innovation:

  • Foster a culture of innovation within the team, encouraging creative approaches to communication.
  • Implement fresh ideas and storytelling techniques to enhance the organization’s impact.

Emotional Intelligence:

  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence in leadership, navigating conflicts, and fostering a positive work culture.

Results-Driven Mindset:

  • Focus on measurable outcomes, ensuring communication efforts align with achieving tangible goals.
  • Engage the team to prioritize impactful strategies contributing to Wild Montana’s success.

Continuous Learning and Development:

  • Commit to ongoing personal and professional growth, setting an example for the team.
  • Encourage and facilitate learning and professional development opportunities for the communications team.

Core Competencies for the Communications Team:

Audience Analysis: Understand target audience needs, preferences, and behaviors for tailored communication.
Strategic Communications Planning: Develop plans aligned with Wild Montana’s strategic goals.
Content Creation and Project Management: Maintain a calendar and manage diverse content formats.
Media/Influencer Relations: Build relationships for media coverage and influencer partnerships.
Digital Marketing and Owned Media Strategy: Craft strategies for engaging storytelling on digital platforms.
Brand Management: Maintain consistent branding while supporting autonomy and unique voices.
Campaign Development: Support campaign development with impactful communication strategies.
Evaluation and Analytics: Use analytics to refine strategies and measure communication effectiveness.
Budgeting and Resource Management: Develop and manage a budget for effective resource allocation.
Rapid Response Communication Planning: Be prepared to communicate rapidly in challenging situations.
Regular Reporting and Communication: Establish regular reporting mechanisms to align the team and inform others across the organization.

Qualifications and Abilities:

  • Proven ability to perform the major duties and responsibilities above.
  • Ability and a strong desire to build, lead, and support a team of skilled communications and design staff.
  • Three to five years of experience leading strategic communications for a business or organization.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • An ability to distill complex ideas into easily understood concepts.
  • A demonstrated passion for storytelling and a history of engaging in it.
  • Working knowledge of local, state, and national public land issues.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with conservation and community partners.
  • Ability to effectively work with a diverse range of people and groups.
  • Ability to develop and manage communication budgets.
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.


Ability and willingness to travel regularly, as well as the willingness to work nights and weekends as needed.
Valid United States issued driver’s license and be insurable.

Hiring Timeline:

Applications will be accepted through March 18, 2024, or until the position is filled. Interviews will be held in April with the goal of job placement in May 2024.

How to apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Wild Montana’s operations director, Laura Parr, at Call (406) 312-8740 with questions. Cover letters should describe pertinent professional and personal experiences.

Wild Montana is an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We work to ensure against discrimination in employment, recruitment, compensation, promotions, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant based on identity, including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, genetic information, parental status, marital status, national origin, age, pregnancy, religion, disability and/or veteran’s status. Applicants of all identities are encouraged to apply. 

To apply for this job email your details to

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