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Climate Campaign Organizer – Northern Arizona University

Website The Outreach Team

General Overview:

The Campus Campaign Organizers will engage students and campus faculty and staff around climate change, jobs, health care, and how-to-vote mobilization on campus. The Organizer will start by building and recruiting a team of volunteers, activists, and campus faculty around the EPA’s Soot Air Quality Standard while collecting comments from students and professors. From there, Organizers will continue to engage volunteers through how-to-vote education events on campus including classroom visits, tabling and other events. At each of those events, Organizers will collect Pledge To Vote cards which will be used as a tool to increase turnout and generate additional awareness and education around the 2022 election. Organizers and their volunteers will focus on following up with everyone who pledged to vote, and participate in Get Out The Vote canvassing and phonebanking. This will continue through Election Day. Post-election, organizers will debrief with volunteers, professorial and faculty contacts and share information for how to stay involved with the Climate Action Campaign.

Location and Timeline: We are hiring campus organizers for this position beginning August 29th, 2022 and continuing through November 21, 2022. Organizers must be based in Arizona (on or near campus at Northern Arizona University), Georgia (University of Georgia),  Michigan (Michigan State University), Pennsylvania (Penn State University), or Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Who We Are: The Outreach Team is the national engine of campaigners and organizers powering the young-people vote movement. With an on-the-ground presence in communities all across the country, our world-class team runs successful civic engagement campaigns to build a future that’s fairer, healthier, safer and more peaceful for everyone. We are excited to once again be working with the Climate Action Campaign on a campaign to engage students and members of the campus community to act on climate, clean energy,  jobs, health care and Get Out the Vote!

Salary, Benefits and Perks:

The salary for this position is $915-$1146 per week commensurate with experience. Salary within this range is determined through an equity calculator. As part of The Outreach Team’s commitment to compensation equity and transparency, we have a no negotiation policy. Salary negotiations can introduce bias and perpetuate wage inequality. At the end of the campaign, there may be opportunities for advancement. We offer a generous benefits package, including:

  • Unlimited paid vacation (pending approval) and sick leave
  • Generous health, dental and vision benefits
  • A monthly cell phone stipend.

What Else You Should Know:

Equity and Inclusion is our North Star: At The Outreach Team we believe deeply that equity and inclusion in our organization makes us better at our work and helps to build a stronger progressive movement. We are an equal opportunity employer and we strongly encourage women, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA community and people who identify with other underrepresented groups to apply.

Our organization is inclusive of POC, ethnic/culture minorities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, individuals with disabilities, who are neurodivergent, regardless of educational backgrounds, previous incarceration or convictions. Our leadership team reflects our inclusivity and is reflective of the progressive community we work in and serve.

Please note: We want to hire people of all gender identities. This hiring platform (JazzHR) does not allow us to add in specific options for gender identities outside of the binary, but we are currently working with them to find a solution.

To apply for this job please visit

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