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COVID-19 Resources for Canadian ENGOs


The Sustainability Network has compiled some of the best resources specifically for nonprofits and in some cases specifically for ENGOs. They have not taken a line by line review of entries although most come from highly trusted sources. VISIT RESOURCE ImagineCanada has also compiled a list of new measures by the federal government that impact […]

Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

Feedback isn’t about “once-and-done.” An effective organization strives to create a feedback-rich culture which takes both organizational systems and leadership behaviors that are applied consistently over time. Systems support and sustain behaviors. Behaviors bring systems to life. Use this list to see where your organizations thrive and identify where you might need to focus on improving.

How to Conduct an Organizational Assessment

A brief tutorial that will guide you through a step-by-step self-assessment of your organization. Walk through key indicators of organizational health and learn what to strive for in each. Follow along while you complete TREC’s Organizational Effectiveness Self-Assessment.

Organizational Effectiveness Assessment & Model

What does an effective organization look like? What are the most important indicators of organizational effectiveness in each of the three main foci of your organization – program, people, and money? What benchmarks should you strive for under each? Use TREC’s Organizational Effectiveness self-Assessment tool to gain clarity on the status of your organization- both in your strengths & opportunities to improve.

Successful Board and ED Approaches to Navigate Staff Management

For Executive Directors to be successful, Boards may support but must let EDs lead in all the core functions they were hired to do, including staff management. This resource offers approaches and suggestions for Boards and EDs to work effectively through staff management and inter-staff conflict.

Webinar Collection | Organization Effectiveness

TREC Webinar

TREC also offers a variety of 60-minute webinars by the TREC team and guest presenters that accompany our templates, tutorials, toolkits, and written resources to develop your learnings, understanding, and competencies in organization effectivess.

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