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Annual Planning and Tracking Calendar for Board & Staff – Sample

A calendar developed at the start of the year captures both ongoing/recurring board responsibilities as well as new initiatives. By anticipating upcoming tasks, it helps committees plan their work, helps board leaders design board agendas and helps staff prepare

Assessing Your Organization | The Organization Effectiveness Model 2016

Assessing Your Organization Webinar

Every organization has strengths and vulnerabilities, and many leaders are too close to the situation to see these clearly. In this webinar, we introduce a simple assessment tool that allows you to see how you rank on key indicators in three areas: Programs, People, and Money. This Organizational Effectiveness Model and Assessment can yield great benefits by helping to identify areas of need and then charting a course to a more robust strategy and better performance.

Beyond Strategic Planning: Maximizing Your Impact as an Organization

In the words of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, “plans are useless but planning is indispensable.” This may sound like a repudiation of strategic plans, but the best organizations use an appropriate mix of formal planning and “adaptive management” to make sure they have the most appropriate goals and strategies given the current circumstances. In this webinar, we explore the range of planning and management approaches and tools that an organization should consider. This webinar explores the “strategic mindset” that characterizes organizations that punch above their weight, and look at how the board and staff can best work together to guide the organization’s direction.

Board 101: Board Focus and Roles

As a board member, you may have found that time and limited resources have influenced your board’s ability to identify and implement the best strategies to support your organization. As an executive director, you may be wondering what tools are available to support your board. This webinar will provide foundational tips and strategies in order to support efficient and fulfilling board participation.

Board Development, Engagement, and Recruitment

Without care and feeding, Boards risk becoming stagnant and ineffective. In this webinar we’ll explore how to assess your board’s effectiveness, keep board members engaged, deal with “deadwood” directors, and identify and bring in the right kind of new directors.

Board Finances: Unlocking the Mystery of Fiscal Management for Boards

For many board members, finances are the last thing they feel competent to address or are interested in, yet they know it is a critical component of an effective organization. In this webinar – designed for any board member regardless of financial knowledge – topics will include areas of an organization’s financial health that are important to track, the role of the board with regard to finances, how the board can stay informed and engaged in finances, the role of the Treasurer and Finance Committee, and how to find a good Treasurer.

Board Friendraising: Creating Advocates for Your Mission

Board Friendraising

How can you help your board members feel positive and comfortable with fundraising? Make them friendraisers! We’ll share with you the powerful impact board members have on your bottom line when you embrace the role of advocate and make friends for your mission wherever you go.

Board Leadership: Maximizing Impact and Sanity

Board Leadership Icon

Common experience, backed by research, shows that the quality and effectiveness of a Board is highly determined by the quality of its leadership (board chairs, vice-chairs), yet this is often a highly unappealing role and not suited for everyone. In this webinar – valuable for every board member – we’ll explore the key focus areas of board leaders, how to address some of the biggest challenges of being in a board leadership role, what the most important qualities and skills of an effective chair are, and how to find your successor as a chair.

Board Skills and Experience Checklist

Is your Board make up diverse? Does its current make-up meet all your current needs? Are your recruiting a new Board member and need a tool to determine where your Board needs strengthening? This checklist will help you and your organization get a high-level view of the  strengths and gaps in your current Board.

Budget Template

Because resources are tight, conservation groups need a robust budget tool which is designed to help them plan for the year ahead. Knowing which programs are solvent is critical to making careful and strategic programmatic decisions. Having an easy-to-use budgeting tool makes developing a budget more accurate while using far less staff time to prepare it. This resource includes a budget template, several videos walking you through how to use it and written instructions.

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