Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch: The Importance of Accurate Revenue Forecasting

TREC Report TREC's fundraising report features tools to help accurately forecast annual revenue for your environmental nonprofit organization. Read this informative report, "Counting Your Chickens Before They Hatch", by TREC Senior Associate, James (Kim) Gilliam. View the report

Moving To Higher Ground: Fundraising Strategies in Challenging Times

A TREC fundraising survey report. TREC Report
There is no doubt that the economic recession has made a significant impact on many environmental nonprofits. "Moving To Higher Ground: Fundraising Strategies in Challenging Times" will illustrate key facets of fundraising challenges in our current times. View the report

In addition, this report is broken down into seven "reportlets" below, each of which focuses on tactical steps that every organization can adopt in these challenging times. These reports are just as relevant today as they were a year ago.

TREC ReportTREC's report on Fundraising: It is never too early to begin planning for your busy year, ensuring that you are investing your limited time in the fundraising activities that will have the greatest impact. View the Fundraising Planning report

TREC Report TREC's report on Major Gifts: Game On! Increasing Your Major Gifts and Legacy Gifts Now! will help your staff with straightforward advice that every organization, larger or small, can immediately apply to raise more money from these, your most important investors. View the Major Gifts report

TREC ReportTREC's report on Boards: Now More Than Ever -The Imperative of Strong Board Leadership in Tough Economic Times, will help your staff and board stay focused on the right priorities this and every fall. View the Boards report

TREC ReportTREC's Fundraising Survey: Foundation Giving: Not a Sure Thing, will give you current information and ideas to deal with lagging foundation giving. View the Foundation Giving Report

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We carry out our mission through coaching, consulting and training services focused on leadership development, capacity-building and leveraging resources to organizations dedicated to habitat conservation and wilderness protection.

The Essential Marriage of Strategic Planning to Business Planning

TREC Strategic Planning to Business PlanningFor strategic planning to be really relevant to your organization, the programmatic work contemplated must be tethered to business planning. At its core, business planning is nothing more than examining revenues and expenses and making sure they balance. How well is your organization tying the two together?

The Essential Marriage of Strategic Planning to Business Planning A Guide for Conservation Organizations, TREC’s latest report is now available. This report, written by TREC’s Kim Gilliam and Megan Seibel, is a helpful tool in understanding why and how to link your business planning to strategic planning. Download your copy today!

TREC's 2013 Salary Report is now available!

TREC 2013 Salary ReportTREC is pleased to announce that the 2013 TREC Salary Report is now available. This review of salary information from environmental organizations across the western U.S. and Canada is the largest of its kind. It provides a wealth of information to help strengthen your compensation practices and ensure your organization's long term effectiveness.

The reports, available in both U.S. and Canada versions, are available for $199. Find out more information about the TREC Salary Reports and purchase your organization's copy today!

If you are a Wilburforce grantee or participated in the 2013 Salary Survey, you may be eligible for a free or discounted report; call TREC at 505-986-8400 for details.

Fundraising for the Future Program

This distance-based learning program begins in February of each year

TREC’s Fundraising for Future is a distance-based learning program for development and management staff members who are new to fundraising. The series consists of eight monthly web-based training sessions (open to all Wilburforce grantees in the U.S. and Canada). Learn more.

Financial Management Program

Learning to adapt to new conditions

Because times are tight, it is even more critical that we carefully evaluate our organization’s financial strengths and weaknesses. We need to empower ourselves with the knowledge and skills we need to thrive. This program starts in 2010 (open to all Wilburforce grantees in the U.S. and Canada). Learn more.

Managing Transitions in Leadership

Managin Transitions in LeadershipFinding and Keeping a Great Executive Director: A Guide for Boards of Directors of Conservation Organizations

The Guide is based on more than 50 years of combined experience in helping conservation organizations negotiate the subtlety of Executive Director transitions. It provides an overview of the entire process of shifting from one organizational leader to another in a way that is organized, logical, and as pain-free as possible. The Guide is organized into three sections:

• The Executive Director Hiring Process
• Once your Executive Director is Hired: Working with the New ED
• Addressing Executive Director Transition: Turnover, Resignation and Termination

Each section highlights critical considerations and action steps in managing the transition process. It is designed to provide guidance each step of the way. While written primarily for Boards of Directors, who have direct responsibility for Executive Director issues, the Guide will also provide benefit for leaders and staff members wishing to have a more comprehensive understanding of the transition process.